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Natural Language Tagging is Here!

Use voice recognition to describe your photos your own way, and QromaScan v3 uses machine learning to automatically detect important things like date, the location and people to embed industry standard photo metadata into your images. Use coupon code Natural at checkout to save 15% + free US shipping on the QromaScan Complete Bundle

Photo Scanning


If you haven’t scanned your box of photos, slides or negatives, you’re in good company. Traditional scanning is slow, complicated, and hasn’t evolved much in 20 years. When you’re done, you still have to organize them or you won’t find a thing.That's no fun, right?

QromaScan* is the world’s smartest photo scanner that captures and organizes your photos in one step with the two things you probably use most everyday; your iPhone and your voice.

think "crow-ma"

Put Your Story Inside any Photo Forever

Tagging the natural way

Have you found yourself looking at a photo and wondered what was going on? With prints, we’d often just flip them over and find that the story and the photo were inseparable. Yet, with our digital images where exactly is the 'back of the photo’?

Photo metadata is the perfect digital replacement for the back of our photos, and then some. It can store descriptions, dates, places & the people that are in our photos in a standard way that nearly every computer, web site or mobile device can understand. The problem is that for most people, photo metadata is either too hard to use or too tedious to apply, leaving digital photos with less of our story than our old prints.

QromaScan 3 is the world’s first natural language tagging application for your photos. Use your voice to describe your photos your own way, and QromaScan transcribes your description and automatically finds things like the date the photo was taken, the location and the people that are in them. With the new Relationship Manager, use natural language words like ‘mom, ‘dad’ and ‘grandparents’ in your description and QromaScan adds their full names as searchable keywords.

With your photos tagged, you can find any photo with just a few keystrokes, or pass along a great backstory for future generations.

QromaScan LightBox

Bookish & Brilliant

Designed to be folded away like a book when not in use, the QromaScan Lightbox is the perfect environment for scanning photos with your iPhone. Illuminated by 12 cool white LED lights, the LightBox makes it easy to get high quality scans every time, so you can say goodbye to blurry photos with a glare right in the middle of it. The LightBox keeps your iPhone in perfect alignment with your photos, eliminating that distortion you often get when trying to take a picture of a picture by hand.

QromaScan SlideBox

Scan 35 millimeter Slides & Negatives in a Snap

Scanning slides and negatives has traditionally been even more difficult and time consuming than traditional print photos. The QromaScan SlideBox is the newest addition to the QromaScan family and makes it dead simple to convert slides and negatives into sharable digital images. Assembled by hand in California, the SlideBox contains a light chamber powered by 3 bright white LED lights that perfectly illuminate your slides and negatives. The SlideBox places your iPhone the exact minimal focal length away to get a sharp image, while at the same time maximizing the resolution.

The SlideBox works seamlessly with the QromaScan iOS app, so you can tag your slides and negatives with industry standard photo metadata using our award winning voice recognition technology.

  • Bookish & Brilliant

    QromaScan transforms from a stylish book to a perfect scanner in seconds.

  • Blisteringly Fast

    Scan photos in seconds instead of minutes.

  • Naturally Easy

    QromaScan's unique natural language tagging system let's you describe your photos your own way, and we detect and tag important things like the photo's date, location and people.

  • Flip for It!

    QromaScan lets you scan the back of your photos and makes them 'flippable' on your iPhone, and preserves your memories

  • Tree Friendly

    Import your family tree through a GEDCOM file, and easily tag the relatives in your photos using voice recognition.

  • Find it Fast

    Forget about scrolling to find photos. Type the first letters of a person or place, and BAM!, there it is.

  • Import Untagged Photos

    Love QromaScan, but also have a bunch of untagged photos on your computer? Import them into QromaScan, then tag them using our voice recognition tagging system.

  • Simultaneous TIFF + JPEG Capture

    Enable the option, and create an archival quality TIFF scan alongside a standard JPEG image. TIFF files use the same photo metadata as JPEG and contain lossless color information so you can migrate your images to next generation formats without generation loss.

  • In App Metadata Editor

    Sometimes you don’t know the exact date, place, or even a person in a photo. QromaScan’s built in Metadata Editor makes it easy to fine tune the details later.

  • Location Location Location

    Ever wonder where a photo was taken? Flip up on any photo’s metadata and see right where it was taken, or fine tune the location by dragging to the street address.

  • Built in Photo Editor

    No need to run to your computer to add finishing touches to your scans. QromaScan’s built in photo editor handles most cropping and other correcting tasks with a few swipes.

  • Multi Device Support

    With integrated iCloud support, scan your photos on your iPhone, then view and edit them on your larger iPad

  • Cloud Sync Enabled

    QromaScan supports either iCloud Drive or Dropbox, so you can see your images on your computer almost instantly. Edit the images with your favorite image editor on your computer, and the changes come right back to QromaScan.


... or ask your own.

What is the largest size image you can scan inside the LightBox?

The LightBox supports images up to 6 x 8 inches. The QromaScan Import feature supports the scanning and cropping of larger images outside the LightBox.

What print resolution (DPI) does QromaScan support?

It is dependent on the type of iPhone you are using. For example, with an iPhone 7, a 3.5 x 5 inch images scans to 421 DPI. As a general rule, any images you scan with QromaScan should print back out nicely at up to twice their original size.

What type of iPhones does QromaScan support?

QromaScan works with iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5 or greater. If you enabled iCloud Drive support, you can also use QromaScan on an iPad to edit metadata and view your images.

What is the QromaScan USB Adapter?

The QromaScan USB Adapter is a handy optional cable that allows you to power the LightBox with any USB port, such as a nearby computer, an iPhone charger or a rechargeable USB power bank. The cable contains a special ‘step up’ converter that transforms 5 volt USB power into 12 volts suitable for powering both the LightBox and the SlideBox. It is included with the QromaScan Complete Bundle.

What if my photos have a curl to them?

The optional QromaScan StayFlat adapter is an acrylic sheet with a custom lip that can help keep curly images perfectly flat during the scanning process. It is included with the QromaScan Complete Bundle.

I have other questions. Where do I go?

Please contact Qroma Support by opening a support ticket. These trackable support tickets help us ensure we don’t miss anyone’s emails, and we generally respond back by email within one business day.